The 3D Book Cover Creator You’ll Love to Use

Finally, an easy-to-use tool for making book mockups and 3D covers. It’s about damn time.

Jealous every time your author buddies show off their pretty new promo graphics? Need an optin offer or free ebook cover that doesn’t look like a monkey went to town with MS Paint? Now you can make your own professional looking book marketing images, without any fancy software or graphic design skills.

Just pick a template and upload your cover, and our in-house team of computer gremlins will work their magic... instantly. These book mockups and 3D devices were carefully selected, and can be arranged into limitless unique pairings and groups. Combine them with the free templates at for some eye-catching book marketing graphics you can use on social media, launch emails or advertising campaigns.

Step 4: Create 3D book promo graphics

Our new cover design maker is not as smooth as Canva, and not as powerful as Photoshop. But it's free, and it does things nobody else can. Tons of new book cover design templates coming soon but get started with these!

PS. To use the "cover reveals" template, first you need to add the layer over your cover HERE (click to start). Then you can make 3D mockups with your "obscured" cover, then click the 3D graphic above to edit the text.

NEW animated 3D book cover mockup tool

Just for fun I recently acquired a nifty 3D book cover mockup widget you can embed on your website. It's super awesome, looks great and is free. Check it out by clicking the image.

Book Design Resources

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NEW: check out our free social media graphics tool to feature your blurbs, reviews or excerpts (it's fun & easy!)

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