Ashamed of your website?

Did you know agents and publishers will check out your author platform before offering you a publishing deal? Will yours embarrass you? Get a total branded author website and social platform (DONE FOR YOU) that will get you a book deal. $997

Website design is a pain, especially because most authors want something that expresses their soul, rather than something simple and functional which will actually boost credibility and sell books. (Contact for details).


Have a good book and a stack of rejection letters?

Tired of submitting to agents? Don’t let your creative dream die! Our PROVEN literary services will quickly fix the core issues with your book and allow your writing to shine… GUARANTEED. $749

This would include critiquing the synopsis and outline, finding the hook and pitch, and editing the query letter and first three chapters (agents sometimes ask for the first 50 pages). I stopped editing years ago but this would be something I enjoy that would also be higher value than just the editing. (I’m a great editor, but it’s frustrating to edit a book when the author’s in charge – focusing on the commercial aspect, what this book needs in order to be SELLABLE – is more attractive for me and valuable for authors). Check out our manuscript critique and query editing services HERE.


Wrestling with a story idea that just won’t come together?

Losing the battle to procrastination and self-doubt? Get unstuck! Our plot doctoring services will fix your saggy middle and leave readers surprised and delighted with the thrilling twists. With a clearly structured outline, you’ll be EXCITED about working on your book again. $349

I LOVE outlining. Coming up with plot twists and events is my favorite thing to do (actually drafting is harder for me). And a lot of authors get stuck somewhere in the middle, don’t know what happens next, which sucks up the enthusiasm for the project – lots of good books die somewhere in the middle. I’ve seen other services like this for $200ish, but I have a PhD in Literature and I focus on commercial books, which means my help is valuable. I can help turn a mediocre book or story into a great one, and I can do it before you waste months writing a less powerful version.

Check out our outline critique and plot doctor service HERE.


Got a good book that’s not selling (and you’ve already tried everything?)

It’s not your fault! You’re a writer, not a marketer. The good news is, you can quickly get your book selling by fixing a few external details. Our Book Transfusion services will give your book a facelift, and pump new life into your sales – with no marketing! $349

This is a total author platform audit, including blurb revision and keyword research. If necessary, I’ll include a fresh book cover as well. If your book isn’t selling and you’re not sure why, I can help!

Check out our author platform audit HERE

Online Course + Mentorship

A small number of spots have just opened up in my 1-year publishing mastermind, Guerrilla Publishing – you’ll get my complete system to publishing bestsellers, personal help and feedback, and a full-year of coaching and support. This is a complete guide to self-publishing, and you’ll get everything you need to launch to #1. $495

Click here to view the full curriculum.