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Hey there and welcome! You can click any template below to start working on your own cover, but I highly recommend you watch the tutorial videos first!

QuickStart Guide to Book Design

PS - I'm still working on this page and will add tutorial videos soon; in the meantime you should be able to click the covers below to open them up in the online tool.

Lesson 1 - How to use the Templates

Get up to speed with our tools and resources, so you can customize and edit our templates fast.

Lesson 2 - The Art of Book Design

Where to find art, images and designs you can (legally) use to make a powerful cover. We'll also cover some advanced blending techniques.

Lesson 3 - Launch a Bestselling Book

Design and publish an ebook or paperback, get a free ISBN barcode, and create marketing materials

NonFiction Book Cover Templates

Click on any cover to get started. Make sure to watch the tutorial videos!

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I'm still working on this page, but if you signed up you should already have access to all the bonuses 🙂 

Bonus 1 - Print covers

Making a full print book cover is a bit tricky, but it is still possible to DIY... however you'll need to get the book formatted first.

Formatting in MS Word

Bonus 2 - Social Media & Promo Graphics

I'll be adding a genre-based package that includes a variety of ready to go book marketing materials and templates. 

Facebook ads and banners
Bookmarks and business cards
3D Mockups

Bonus 3 - Reach Your Readers

A crash course in building an online author platform, and an email list, so you can get reviews fast and launch a bestseller.

How to set up an author website
Email list marketing
Bestseller Launch Strategies

Recommended Resources

51i7Ngp3AWL NF-templates



The templates will help, but you really need to get your head around the point and purpose of a book cover before you commit to a design that won't sell.

writepublish-590x910-1 NF-templates



An inspiring guide to self-publishing as a business, with money saving tricks and common mistakes to avoid.

bookmarketingNEW2019-590x910-1 NF-templates



How to market your book without being anxious, annoying or awkward - it's easier than you think but it all depends on nailing your book design. 

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