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Thanks for signing up! Down below you'll find a big button to download the free bundle of book cover templates, some new templates for my online cover creator tool, and a free video series on designing book covers that sell. If you find these resources useful and are ready for more templates, you can sign up for the premium bundle and get hundreds of unique templates and book marketing support.

MS Word Templates

Click the button below now to download the original package of Microsoft Word templates, then watch the videos below to understand how to edit and use them.

New Cover Templates

We're making hundreds of new templates for our online cover creator tool. Inside the tool, on the left hand menu there's a "templates" button, where you will (soon) find free templates for every genre.

Cover Design Secrets That Sell

The templates will help you make a cover fast, but whether or not it's actually good depends on what you do with it. I've added a few of my best book cover design tutorials (with over 3 million views!) and some detailed guides to using my templates. They'll help you avoid mistakes and save time, so I recommend skimming through them. 

Lesson 1

7 Must-Have Qualities for a Cover that Sells3 foolproof strategies, a 10-step checklist, and the #1 secret of book design.

Lesson 2

Cover Design Basics (Starter Video Series): Where to get fonts and images...without asking for a lawsuit.

Lesson 3 (coming soon)

How to upload your files and publish your book: How to make ready-to-publish ebook and paperback covers with free online tools.

Lesson 4

Getting Started: Installing the templates + researching your audience and genre to attract the right readers.

Lesson 5

Finding & Using Images: The best and cheapest places to find amazing, royalty-free stock (that won't get you in hot water).

Lesson 6

Adding Text & Fonts: The fonts dictate the genre and level of professionalism - don't get this part wrong or slap on some text.

Lesson 7

Making a Full Print Cover: Calculating the spine width and creating print-ready PDF files

Lesson 8

Publishing Your Book: This video will help you self-edit your book to perfection, choose keywords and categories, and show you how to upload your files.

Lesson 9

Promotion and Book Marketing: Now that your book is up for sale, you need to get book reviews, grow your fanbase and increase visibility. Find out how.

Psst - so there you have it, a bunch of helpful video tutorials, and some starter templates on their way to your inbox. This information is vital to making your book a success, so I'm giving it away for free. But that doesn't mean making your own professional cover will be easy.

Good news though... I made a bunch of premium templates, for serious authors who want to succeed faster.


Book Design & Marketing Templates to Launch Your Bestseller

Need more help? My original "master package" of book design templates has helped hundreds of authors publish successful books. Since I'm currently rebranding everything and raising prices soon, I've decided to bundle some older resources together at a massive discount. But don't worry, you'll also get the full set of brand new templates as well once I finish building the new system.

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100+ MS Word Cover Templates
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Book Formatting Templates
3D Promo Graphics and Marketing Templates
Full print cover templates

Pssst! Looking for nonfiction covers? Check this out!

BONUS: Reach Your Readers

The right book design will be a massive help in launching a successful book, but it's just the first step. If you sign up for the premium package today, I'll add in my first book marketing course, "Reach Your Readers" (usually $297) and another course on building your author platform and email list.

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About The Designer

Derek Murphy

I spent a decade in a library getting my PhD in Literature, and spent most of that time reading Paradise Lost and helping authors publish better books, as an editor and cover designer. I have tons of free resources, but you can start with these two books (just click the images to download!)

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3 Free Book Cover Templates (Downloads)

I've also got a ton of advanced publishing tips on YouTube.

5derek18 Free Book Cover Templates (Downloads)

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How do I open the templates?

Find and download the .zip files and extract them to your computer. You’ll need Microsoft Word to open the .word files and Photoshop to open the optional .psd files.

Can I grab any images from the internet?

Absolutely not – but there are tons of royalty free options, as long as you know how to search. In the videos I’ll share a trick for finding the photo’s original owner or license info.

Can I use the images and fonts in the templates?

No. These templates are meant to be training wheels to help you get started – you'll need to replace the images and artwork to make it work. I will show you where to find stock photos, or how to generate AI art, and you can blend the layers together in my free online tool.

What if I can't find any templates I like?

If you like the idea and understand the process, you’ll find a much wider variety of templates in the master package of templates. You can upgrade anytime, but you’ll get the best deal if you take action today.

Can I hire you to design my book?

I’ve trained a team of designers to take over my workload and work with clients, so now I’m more of a creative director than a designer, but all our work is guaranteed. You can see our portfolio at www.creativindiecovers.com

How do I publish and market my book?

This is a huge topic, and I have a lot of articles on www.creativindie.com, but the free book and videos above should help with the basics. If you're ready to get more serious and need some book marketing or launch help, I have courses and a coaching program available.