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I was never totally satisfied with the Word templates; even though they’ve helped hundreds of authors publish, I wanted something even easier. So I spent six months developing the world’s best online cover creator.

It’s a flash-based, Photoshop-inspired graphics editor, built from the ground up with book covers in mind. I wanted a flashy name for it, but “Cover Maker” seems to be the most obvious.

Other online graphic editors or cover creators are slick-looking and fun to play with, but they lack the powerful features needed for serious covers. Sure they can make graphics for online marketers or simple non-fiction covers, but they’ll never pull off a decent fantasy or paranormal romance cover.

My tool allows for layers with transparency and blending, has hundreds of font options, and amazing text and image effects, to get that “WOW” response my covers are known for.

But having the right tools won’t prevent you from making an ugly cover

That’s why I’m making at least 100 awesome templates. You can simply import into the Cover Maker, change the pictures and text, and resave as a Kindle-ready JPG. I’ve already added a few templates directly into the software, and you can get another package of 10 on the Free Sample Page.

I recommend watching some of the videos on the “help” page before you get started.

Or go ahead and try it out, and click up on the “help” link if you get stuck.

Try out the Free Cover Maker!It'll rock your world.

PS) I built this cover tool so that indie authors had an easy way to make their own free covers; it will be stay free, forever. You never have to pay or join as a member. If you think that’s awesome – please share!