How to design a book cover in Photoshop

Photoshop is a complex piece of software; these videos won’t teach you how to use it completely. But they should help you get started. Since I’m actively designing covers (which is usually a process of trial and error) these videos can be a little slow as I test things out and see what works.


How to make a book cover in Photoshop

Here’s a little series I made based on this article:

3 Foolproof strategies for designing fiction book covers that work for any genre

Starting simple…


How to design full print covers


Start with this one: it’s the presentation I gave for the Willamette Writer’s conference in Portland, OR. It’s a good crash course to the fundamental issues and mistakes indie authors make, and how to fix them.   This video may go against conventional wisdom or your presuppositions of what a book cover is actually for, but try to keep an open mind. All that matters is that your cover gets your target readers to want to learn more about your book, and hopefully start reading. It has to appeal and attract, not explain.

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