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If you’re in the indie publishing field, whether as an author or offering other services, you may have experimented with using adwords or other advertising to try to get some revenue from your site’s traffic. If you’ve developed a large following by providing excellent help and content for indie authors, you deserve to get reimbursed.

That’s why I’m setting DIY Covers up with a referral system. If you recommend people and link from your own site you can make 50% of each sale.

As a partner, all you have to do is put some well designed, ready made ad boxes on your site’s sidebar, write an article/review about the DIY cover templates, or email your list and let them know about it (you’ll get a special and unique link, we’ll keep track of how many sales come from your efforts, and you’ll get 50%. It’s all automatic and safe).

These packages are a huge value, so you can recommend them in good conscience knowing you’ll be helping self-publishing authors have more control of their books and save money. If you want to see the member’s area first, just send me an email and I’ll give you free access to look around.

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We’re rebuilding everything and figuring out a new affiliate plan – in the meantime we appreciate any shares if you’ve found our free resources useful!

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