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Premium Templates and Book Design Mastery

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The free templates and tutorials on this page are a basic package to help you get started with a functional cover. But I also know that not everybody wants to learn about book design. Maybe you just want a perfect book cover template, rather than spending hours trying to figure out how to make your own.

I started this site years ago and the free templates have gotten tens of thousands of downloads, but MS Word was always an imperfect solution. Even so, most authors have gotten serious value from the design tips I share, and I’m happy to help.

But I’ve always wanted something much better and more powerful; an online graphic design tool that would allow me to make super high-quality templates. Well, the tool is finally ready, so I’m redesigning this site and working on hundreds of premium templates for my tool.

When that’s all finished, each single template will be $37, which is a pretty cheap price for a decent cover. You can also buy a genre-package with some extras like marketing templates, for $67. But it might take me a few months to set all that up.

In the meantime, since you’re already here, I’m leaving the links to the previous bundle – which includes a course on cover design, a course on book marketing, and over a hundred templates designed for MS Word. And you’re of course free to play with my free tools (though, please do watch some of the tutorials to avoid critical design mistakes.)

The templates alone will save you hundreds of dollars in design fees: the courses on building your author platform and email list so you can launch strong may save you thousands (helping you avoid sketchy “book promotional services” that don’t work).

In the next week or two, I’ll be removing this offer completely as I rebuild the site and add new templates. I plan to “grandfather” everybody who bought this package into the new system so they can access all the templates, so if you want, you can use this link to sneak in early.

It’s way too cheap at this price, but that’s OK, because I want you to be happy and feel like you got a great deal. Publishing is too full of crappy services and offers, so I hope I can be the one person you trust to deliver serious value.

Original Price: $628 – Today Just $47

$628 value, yours today for $197 just $47.

Ps. Even if you don’t need a book cover anymore, the graphics and marketing bundle of templates – designed for every genre – will be pretty awesome. I’ll sell those alone for more than this price. I used to charge $197 for this particular bundle, but I’m setting a 75% off discount link because I’ll be replacing it all anyway (but that doesn’t mean you get less: you’ll get all the old stuff *and* all the new stuff, at a chunky discount).

And if you don’t like it for any reason, or don’t have the patience to wait until the new materials are finished, I have an easy 100% refund guarantee. So grab the templates, watch the videos, and if I can’t help you create a cover you love, I’ll give your money back.  Simple.

testiomnials12 download the free book cover design templates
2020-04-15_8-24-13 download the free book cover design templates

How do I open the templates?

Find and download the .zip files and extract them to your computer. You’ll need Microsoft Word to open the .word files and Photoshop to open the optional .psd files.

Can I grab any images from the internet?

Absolutely not – but there are tons of royalty free options, as long as you know how to search. In the videos I’ll share a trick for finding the photo’s original owner or license info.

Can I use the images and fonts in the templates?

These templates are meant to be training wheels to help you get started – I don’t recommend using the same images I selected, and technically the rights don’t transfer, so you’d need to at least buy your own version first.

What if I can’t find any templates I like?

If you like the idea and understand the process, you’ll find a much wider variety of templates in the master package of templates. You can upgrade anytime, but you’ll get the best deal if you take action today.

Can I hire you to design my book?

I’ve trained a team of designers to take over my workload and work with clients, so now I’m more of a creative director than a designer, but all our work is guaranteed. You can see our portfolio at

How do I publish and market my book?

This is a huge topic, but I’ve tried to break it down in these articles:

Is my book cover good enough?

The important thing to remember, is that nobody’s opinion matters more than the data; it doesn’t matter what your neighbor or cat or dentist thinks. All that matters is that strangers who read books like yours recognize that your book might be something they’d like, and click/pick it up to read the blurb. If it’s not working, it’s not good enough.