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Have a good book and a stack of rejection letters?

Tired of submitting to agents? Don’t let your creative dream die! Our PROVEN literary services will quickly fix the core issues with your book and allow your writing to shine.

Wrestling with a story idea that just won’t come together?

Losing the battle to procrastination and self-doubt? Get unstuck! Our plot doctoring services will fix your saggy middle and leave readers surprised and delighted with the thrilling twists. With a clearly structured outline, you’ll be EXCITED about working on your book again. We can help turn a mediocre book or story into a great one, and before you waste months writing a less powerful version.

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“I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to do a developmental edit on this. It was above and beyond and is greatly appreciated. It was exactly the guidance I needed to hear, and I would have waited three weeks for that, let alone a few days. Your insights will go a long way towards making this the best novel it can be.” – Mikael
“Your suggestions have been wonderful! You provided a lot of input that I had not even considered, and will definitely help overall! Looking forward to going through the remainder of your suggestions tomorrow! Thank you again for your time! – Jacky

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Bestseller Blueprint

(Self-Editing Cheatsheet)

Your book can be “well-written” and still fail to keep readers engaged. We’ve been studying the craft of books for over a decade, and we’ve learned the books that succeed aren’t just the ones that are well-written: they are the ones who understand what their audience wants and presents the plot, story, material or information in the ideal structure.

Most non-fiction books we receive have no unifying theme, organic progression of ideas, vulnerable shares and stories to hook interest, of fail to properly identify the audience and benefits (who is this for, what’s in it for them?)

Most novels we receive are lacking universal story structure, deep conflict and suspense, properly motivated and sympathetic characters, and believable dialogue. We can absolutely help point these issues out to you, but we can’t fix or rewrite the entire book.

That’s why we put together a course on writing that is more advanced than anything else on the Internet, yet simple enough for you to go through and quickly identify red flags and room for improvement. And because we want you to succeed, we’re offering it at 75% off.

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First Chapter Critique

(Editorial Review)

Do you have a manuscript that you think is finished, but aren’t sure if it’s ready to publish? Are you worried about whether anybody else will think it’s any good? Are you putting together a book proposal or query to attract an agent or publisher, or preparing to self-publish for the first time? How about just starting a book, but want to make sure it’s marketable before you invest more time in it?

Make sure you have a strong start and a killer opening before you waste extra time and money. This in-depth structural critique will help you figure out who your audience is and how to captivate them from the first page.

It is critical that your first chapter sucks them in and keeps them reading. There’s no use editing the full book if you lose readers in the first chapter. Unfortunately, the first 5000 words are the hardest to get right, and the most important. An agent or new reader will browse the first few pages before giving your book a miss – you’ve only got one chance to convince them to keep reading!

If you’re not sure how much editing your book needs, whether or not it’s good enough to satisfy readers or why you are having trouble getting sales and book reviews (or why your rejection pile is thicker than your manuscript) why not let us do a deep developmental critique on your first 5000 words? We’ll point out exactly where your weaknesses lie and what you can do to make them better.

Bonus #1: commercial analysis & keyword optimization

Make it easy for readers to find you! We’ll identify the right market for your book, and suggest the keywords and categories to help readers find your books online. SEO experts will help position so that it gets discovered organically on Amazon or Google.

Bonus #2: blurb revision & Amazon page

We’ll help make sure you correctly categorize your book and choose the right keywords, but getting found isn’t enough. You need a blurb that actually sells the book. We’ll rewrite the blurb to balance the fine line between discoverability and intrigue. We’ll also help you create 3 brilliant “hooks” you can test in your marketing or sales copy.

Is your book good enough to succeed?

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