This is an old page, we’ll republish soon with fresh tips and templates.

What Happens Next?

I’ll send you a confirmation email, then direct you to the page where you can download the free package. I’ve included several templates for MS Word, the online cover design tool, as well as some formatting templates – you’ll also get the full guided tutorial and I’ll show you where you can watch some of the help videos.

There are several zip files, you’ll need to save them to your computer and unzip them to see the contents. For the Word templates, you’ll also need to find and download the relevant fonts.

You should also watch these free video series:

Cover Design Secrets: How to Design Bestselling Books

How to make a book cover in Microsoft Word

How to use the FREE online cover design tool

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I’ve decided to give away a ton of information for free, and also make my templates and online cover tool free to use, even though it means I’ll earn much less money. I genuinely just want indie authors make their own beautiful covers, and raise the bar from the disastrously ugly self-published covers currently out there. If these resources helped you make your own cover or taught you something about cover design, please share them or write a blog post reviewing them.


If you need help opening the package, or using the templates, please join as a member. This package gets hundreds of downloads a day, and unfortunately I don’t have time to assist everyone. If you are having trouble with the zip folders, try downloading them again or using another computer.


Can I use the images?

The images are just samples and are not meant to be used (otherwise we would all have the same covers). You should look for your own, similar photos that fit your story better and use the templates to get the style, colors and fonts right. The guide lists some resources for finding images and cover art.

Where can I find the fonts?

I used a lot of fonts in these templates, some free and some paid. Just because I included them doesn’t mean you necessarily have the rights to use them on your book cover (I can’t transfer my licence rights to you). Many of them are free, but you should check the font you want to use and make sure you pay for it if necessary (or just switch to a free font, there are lots).

How do I make a Kindle cover?

Kindle covers are usually JPG – these templates are built for 6×9 @300DPI, which will make them about 1800px wide, a good size for Kindle and ebook retailers. You’ll have to save the Word files as a PDF and then use an online PDF to JPG converter. If it doesn’t work well, try another method of saving as PDF (Word to PDF conversion tools, or print-as options, and also other PDF to JPG conversion tools). If you have a high resolution screen, you can also take a screenshot of your cover. For the online tool – just save as PNG and it should be ready to use.