The templates I made in MS Word are pretty cool, but I wanted more.

I wanted an easy-to-use, online graphics program that authors could use for free.

There are already a handful of “cover design software” out there, and some of them look pretty at first, but their templates are flat and usually boring. They may work for online marketing but those cheesy graphics won’t cut it for most genres. Even with the best tools in the world, unless you have brilliantly designed templates, your covers won’t be good enough to make your book a bestseller.

I wanted it to have all the features I depend on in Photoshop – including layers with transparency and blending, lots of font options, the ability to change size and resolution (so you can make more than just covers). It took six months and several thousand dollars, but I designed my own program from the ground up.

You can use it, for free, anytime – just click here.

You may want to read the instruction manual or watch these free videos.


If you want a sample package with some extra templates, use these social media links for access.


But keep in mind, these free templates will only get you so far, and a lot of people are going to be using them.

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