PDF to JPG converter

You can use this tool to finish your book cover

Why do you need a Word to PDF converter?

For your ebook file, you just need a .jpg file that’s at least 1800x2700px – that’s a 6×9 cover at 300dpi. Our original book cover templates are made in Microsoft Word, which doesn’t save as a JPG file, so one option is to save as a PDF and then convert to JPG.

You could also take a screenshot of your finished cover, depending on your screen size. Our new book cover creator tool saves as a JPG or PNG.

However, if you’re going to design a full-print cover, you’ll want to make it a PDF file… we’re working on adding that feature in as well.

How to save your Word file as a PDF

I had my own tool made but it seems to not be working, so please use one of these for now to convert your PDF to JPG. Thanks!