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You need a bestselling book cover. Now you can make your own with customizable, easy-to-use book cover templates, based on the design principles of bestselling books. Get started with our free tools, templates and guides, or become a member to access hundreds of extra templates and resources.

The Right Size

Make a cover for Kindle or any other platform, with built-in presets and ratio flexibility.

Easy to Use

Making changes is simple. If you get stuck we've prepared walkthroughs, tutorials and video guides.

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Hundreds of fonts, styles and options: just add new pictures for a one-of-a-kind cover.

Brilliant Design

These covers were crafted with love by a world-class designer, and built to make you a bestseller.


Who says you can’t make a beautiful cover in Microsoft Word? I made over 100, and they’re fabulous! Grab the free guide and learn how to make your own hot-selling book covers in less than 30 minutes (you’ll also get some free samples) or join as a member and download them all.



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