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Hi there! Below you’ll find a bunch of resources for making beautiful book covers in MS Word. Most of these links are to .zip folders; you’ll need to unpack/extract the .zip folder before you can see the contents. Once you open the Word files, things may not look right if you don’t have the same fonts installed that I used, so try changing the fonts.

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Sample Templates and Guide

Here’s a link to the sample package; you can use the Quickstart Guide or “Cheat Sheet” to troubleshoot and learn the ropes. There are a few fiction and non-fiction cover template samples to play with. The instructions are based on Word 2010.

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An Epic List of Appropriate Fonts per Genre

Choosing the right fonts for your book cover is important; you’ll probably use the same fonts for your interior formatting as well. Here’s a huge list of fonts I like divided by genre.

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Sell-Sheet templates

I made a few “sell-sheets” that may help with book marketing; for a long post about how to use them, and other alternatives, you can read this article I posted on my blog: How-to-make-a-sell-sheet-for-your-book-with-free-templates

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Full Print Covers (Createspace, etc.)

Making full print covers for Createspace is a little tricky, but this guide and sample templates will help. You can make a full print cover that looks pretty good, but you need to get familiar with the features in MS Word, and use quality fonts and images.

style1-Zip-64x64 testing1Business cards, posters, ads…

This package is light on layers, heavy on templates – it’s got everything you need but assumes you’re starting from a finished cover file, so you’re just importing layers. There are also instructions for ordering postcards and business cards (and how to use them).


Free Books!

I want to help you avoid the mistakes that kill book sales, so I’m also giving you 4 of my books for free. They’ll improve your formatting, publishing, author platform and book marketing.

Book Marketing is Dead

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How to Write, Format, Publish, Promote…

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100 Publishing Questions Answered

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Kindle | Epub

Cover Design Secrets that Sell Books

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Kindle | Epub

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PS) I made a tool for converting PDF to JPG that’s not mentioned in the guide, it’s here if you need it:

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