book marketing templates for authors

In an increasingly digital world, print marketing continues to play a vital role, particularly for authors seeking to promote their books. From bookmarks to postcards to business cards, print marketing materials can not only enhance visibility but also create a tangible connection with your audience. This article guides you on the best print marketing materials for book promotion and how to create them.

Why Print Marketing?

Even with the proliferation of digital marketing channels, print marketing materials have not lost their charm. They offer a physical, tangible way for potential readers to remember you and your book. This is particularly effective at book signings, conferences, workshops, and any other place where you may meet potential readers in person.

Essential Print Marketing Materials for Authors

  1. Bookmarks: A bookmark is not just a tool to mark a page in a book; it’s also a fantastic promotional item. Incorporate your book cover, author bio, website, and where to purchase your book. For an added bonus, consider including a QR code that links directly to your book’s purchase page. You can design custom bookmarks using free online tools like Canva, then get them printed at online platforms like Moo, Printful or Vistaprint.
  2. Postcards: Postcards are versatile promotional materials. You can use them as mailers to announce a new book or event, handouts at book signings, or even as inserts inside your books. As with bookmarks, include your book cover, author bio, and a call to action. PrintPlace, PsPrint, and Moo are great places to get your postcards printed.
  3. Business Cards: An author’s business card can be a small but powerful tool. Include your name, author tagline (if you have one), website, email, and social media handles. Keep the design clean and professional. VistaPrint, Moo, and Staples offer a range of options for printing business cards.
  4. Bookplates: These are essentially custom stickers that you sign and place inside your book cover—perfect for sending to readers who bought your book online or as a unique handout at events. Design your bookplates with an appealing aesthetic, your name, and a place for your signature. Online print companies like Zazzle or UPrinting offer custom bookplate printing.
  5. Author Posters: Displayed at book signings or local bookstores, a well-designed author poster can attract attention and create interest. Include your book cover, a catchy headline, and a blurb about the book. You can get your posters printed at PrintRunner or UPrinting.
  6. Flyers: Flyers are handy for advertising book launches or author events. They can be given out on the street, placed in local businesses, or inserted into local newspapers. Staples, UPrinting, and PrintRunner all offer flyer printing services.
  7. Stickers: Stickers offer a fun, budget-friendly way to promote your book. They can be given away at events, sent along with online orders, or used as part of a street marketing campaign. Consider designing stickers featuring your book cover, a memorable quote from the book, or a character from your story. StickerYou and Sticker Mule are excellent online options for custom sticker printing.
  8. Character Art Cards: If you’re writing fiction, particularly fantasy or sci-fi, character art cards can be a great way to engage your audience. These are small cards featuring illustrations of your characters, often with a brief description on the back. They are not only a fantastic promotional item, but they also allow your readers to connect more deeply with your characters. PrintPlace and MOO can help you with the printing of custom cards.


This is a general guideline and starting point, but the specifics of your print materials will depend on your unique book and personal brand as an author. Don’t forget, creativity is your biggest asset in designing promotional materials. Think about what fits your book and your personal brand, and most importantly, what your readers would appreciate and find valuable.

Print marketing materials, when done right, can be a powerful asset in your author marketing toolkit. They not only provide a physical reminder of you and your book but also offer a personal touch that can leave a lasting impression. So don’t underestimate the power of a well-designed bookmark, business card, or poster in your quest for book promotion success!

Derek Murphy
Derek Murphy

Derek Murphy is a cover designing indie author enthusiast, finishing a PhD in Literature and shopping for a castle in Europe.