A lot of my friends (self-publishing experts) tell authors they should never design their own covers; the reason for this is that A) the quality of your book covers will make or break your success as an author B) 95% of self-make, homemade book covers are awful.

When they aren’t awful, they are not bad.

Do you want a ‘not bad’ cover? Is that going to be enough for you to out-compete the ten thousand other books in your genre published this month?

HOWEVER, the problems indie authors have in designing their own covers aren’t really design problems, they are theory problems.

Authors go about designing covers the wrong way, for the wrong reasons. The things they think should be on the cover absolutely shouldn’t be. The things they are trying to do or avoid don’t really impact sales.

Luckily, if you spend a couple hours watching all my free training videos, you’ll learn everything you need to to design your own covers that sell from home.

But first you have to be willing to learn, and put your readers first (what are THEY going to like? It matters so much more than what YOU think!)

Paying someone for a book cover doesn’t guarantee a good one, especially if you take over the process and tell them what to do. So learn what “good” book cover design really means and how to recognize it, before you start designing your own.

Derek Murphy
Derek Murphy

Derek Murphy is a cover designing indie author enthusiast, finishing a PhD in Literature and shopping for a castle in Europe.

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