Based on the design principles of best-selling books.


You wrote a great book, but everyone is ignoring it.

You try to get reviews but your emails go unanswered. You advertise and promote but nobody is buying.
Your book is getting rejected by people who haven't even read it yet. That means you have a packaging problem.


Your book cover is the first and mostly likely the ONLY impression your book will ever have on would-be readers. If it doesn’t punch them in the gut and evoke an emotional reaction immediately, they are never going to read your summary or find out what the book is about. Your book cover is not just one piece of the publishing pie. The book cover is your plate! Without it, everything else will wobble and spill and make a mess.

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But it’s hard to work with a designer to make the type of cover that sells books, and the best designers are expensive. Doing it yourself will take a long time, and you'll have to learn complex software like Photoshop. Plus, you risk making a cover that you love but everybody else hates. Even if it's not bad, it's unlikely to produce the results you're hoping for. You want to be a bestseller, don't you?

You could buy a cheap premade book cover, but those are usually made in Photoshop and you can't make changes or updates yourself easily. If you have a simple non-fiction book, you might squeeze by with a minimalist cover, but those will never work for a YA novel - a genre whose readers respond to beautifully decorative covers.



Wouldn’t it be great if you could use a software you’re already familiar with to make your own beautiful and professional book cover, without the risk of common design flaws that can cripple book sales?

What would that do for your writing career? How much time and money would you save?

My name is Derek Murphy, and I know how frustrating it can be to get a great book cover design. I made my own cover for my first book over 10 years ago, and I spent months making it perfect – or so I thought. When it didn’t sell, I realized the cover needed to be better, so I became a Photoshop expert and began studying what kind of covers sell books. Now I have my own book cover design business, and I get so much demand I have to keep my prices high.

But I wanted to find a way to help indie authors get quality book design at a bargain price. None of the online tools available could make the type of powerful covers I'm known for. Premade templates often looking amateurish, and most of them are made in Photoshop so even if you buy them, you can't make even simple changes yourself.

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I had a breakthrough when I discovered Microsoft Word has features that make designing easy - if you know what you're doing. So I made over 150 book cover templates in MS Word, so that authors could use a program they are already familiar with. It's easy to open the templates, switch the images and edit the text, and save the file as a ready-to-use cover. But I wasn't satisfied, so I invested thousands of dollars making my own online book cover design tool. You can use it on any computer connected to the internet, and it will always be totally free for everyone. I also put together a Udemy course with tutorial videos to help authors understand the principles of bestselling book design.


I'm going to make the first section of the training course available to everyone, you can click here to watch it.

Double your book sales today

Learning what kind of covers sell books, and how to make them yourself, is valuable info. Don't miss out on the free guide and sample templates.

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Design your own book covers with DIY templates

I decided to give away a lot of the resources and some sample templates, so anybody can learn to make their own book covers. However, just because you can make your own covers, doesn't mean you should (without guidance, you can use all my tools and still make ugly covers). If you join as a member, you'll get access to a huge collection of book cover templates, so that you can design your own book covers quickly, without starting from scratch. Think of the templates as training wheels, to give you a firm design foundation to begin from, so you can make a much more professional book cover, much faster than you would be able to on your own.

  • 1

    150 Book Cover Templates for MS Word

    Open and edit the templates with Microsoft Word.

Learn the design tricks that let you work magic in Microsoft Word. Use any fonts you have installed on your system. Who knew you could make covers this good?

  • Strip background
  • Transparent layers
  • Limitless fonts
  • Blend layers
  • Text effects
  • Save PDF, convert to JPG

FACT: Even a slightly better book cover can double or triple sales overnight.

Cut your marketing budget in half, spend less time on social media, and still sell more books - with a great cover.

  • 2

    150 Templates for my Online Design Tool

    The world's best online book cover design tool.

Access the tool from any computer connected to the internet, save your progress as a project file, export as a hi-res PNG for web or print.

  • Gradients & effects
  • Blending layers
  • Loads of fonts to choose from
  • Set custom sizes
  • Open and edit easily
  • Built in templates

I'm still working on these templates - more coming soon!

Want to see the goods?

This is what the online cover design tool looks like - click on the image to see how it works! I'll always make the online cover creator FREE for anyone to use, and it's a powerful beast. It may seem confusing at first; click on the "help" menu to watch some tutorial videos. Members will get much more detailed instruction - plus of course a whole bunch of easy to use templates!

  • 3

    Photoshop templates

    Just in case you need them.

I don't want you to have to choose between DIY Book Covers and some other premade Photoshop templates; so I've decide to make 100 of my own and add them into the member's area, for those who prefer to work in Photoshop. Coming soon.

  • Expert design
  • Easy to customize
  • Limitless functionality
  • PSD files and font list
  • Save to any format
  • More flexibility
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    Headers, ads and online graphics

    Templates for Facebook and Twitter, image quotes for Pinterest, ad boxes and optin offers... we've got you covered.

Build a branded author platform with a universal style. We've got stuff you don't even realize you need.

  • Adboxes
  • Optin offers
  • Headers and covers
  • Promotional graphics
  • Image quotes
  • Facebook ads
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  • 5

    Full print cover templates

    I'll show you how to turn your cover into a full print cover.

Once you've learned how to make front covers, it's not that difficult to finish up the spine and back and make a print cover for CreateSpace or IngramSpark.

  • Calculate spine width
  • Back copy that sells
  • ISBN/barcode
  • Author photo / bio
  • Publishing imprint
  • Print specs
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    Business cards, bookmarks and postcards

    Not just for the web!

These templates can produce 300dpi, print-ready files. I'll show you where to use them, so you can get physical promotional materials to hand out at your next event.

  • Postcards
  • Bookmarks
  • Business cards
  • High quality print materials
  • Professional image
  • Marketing edge
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Summary of benefits

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Don't take my word for it...

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Free Bonuses

Discover the secrets of bestselling book cover design with this Udemy course I created. You'll learn the basics of design theory, and then we'll roll up our sleeves and make dozens of sample covers together using a variety of tools. You'll learn to design your own covers from scratch and master the art of book covers. You’ll also see how the littlest changes can make a huge difference in sales.

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You'll also get three ebooks, to help you write, format, publish and promote your books like a pro.

Give your book a leg up with my book marketing guide. Avoid promotion mistakes that can kill sales. Plug up the holes in your sales funnel so you’re not throwing money away. Learn how to advertise effectively (for less) and run powerful promotions. Make friends with key influencers who can sell thousands of copies.

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By the way, these are all bestsellers... that should tell you I know something about book marketing.

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Even more bonuses

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MS Word and InDesign Interior Formatting Layout Templates

After the cover, you'll need help with formatting, which can be tricky. I've put together a package of professional book layouts to help - along with video tutorials.


Ebook Formatting Tools, Guides and Resources

Making an epub or mobi file can be a royal pain... I'll walk you through my ebook formatting process, and even give you access to two unique online ebook formatting / conversion tools that you can't get anywhere else.

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ISBN Barcode Generator

Bowker charges $25 to make a scan-ready barcode from your ISBN. You can use my online barcode generator to make one for free and add it to your book cover.


Personalized Feedback

As a member, you can email me your samples to get my personal feedback and suggestions. (I've charged as much as $500/hour for consultation like this).

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Slick 3D Mockups

When your front cover is ready, send it to us and we'll make some 3D renderings you can use for online promotion.


(That's over $671 worth of free bonuses, in case you are wondering).

All this, for only...

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I'm still developing a lot of the templates and resources, so if you need a cover design solution right now DIY Covers may not satisfy you. I'll remove this message once everything is finished. Thanks!

60 Day Money-back guarantee

Your purchase is 100% Risk Free. I understand DIY Covers may not work for everyone. If you can’t use it or are unhappy for any reason, just email me and I’ll happily refund your money.

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Stop making rookie design mistakes and learn how to look, and sell, like a best-selling author

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Terms and Conditions

These are NOT premade book covers - they are meant to be used as a starting point only. To make sure your cover is totally unique, you should find your own stock photography and replace the images I used in these templates. Some of these covers were modeled off bestselling books, but similarities should vanish once you swap in your own text and images. Buying this package of templates does not give you the rights to use any of the images or fonts, so you should check to see what licensing is needed, and make sure you have the appropriate rights. If you have any questions about this, please get in touch.

About Me

Hi! I'm Derek Murphy. I've designed book covers for hundreds of writers and many best-selling authors. I'm also developing other ways to help authors sell more books.

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DIY Book Covers

Customizable book cover templates for indie authors. Make your book beautiful.


Free Videos


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